About motorcade

      Team AAI is a Taiwanese racing team based in Taiwan. The business expands into Asia, Europe, and United States. AAI MotorSports is the premier racing team in East Asia.

Team AAI established in 1991. At the same time, the company owner Jun-San Chen was also the main driver.

In 2011, Team AAI has won the both the annual driver and team championship.


In 2012, Team AAI started to participate in GT Car Class. With the McLaren MP4-GT3, they took part in Europe Blanscpan Series Cup. The same year, team AAI participated in GP-Cup Race (Macau), and got the 4th place.

In 2013 Macau GP Cup Race, the team used two BMW-Z4-GT3 to compete in this race.

In 2013, the team turned to Japan, Korea, China, Malaysia and other Asian countries of Lemans endurance race series, by using two BMW-Z4-GT3 for the competition. At the third Round (Asian Lemans) endurance race series, the team started the competition with two BMW-Z4-GT3.


In 2014, the team participate in GT races, the lineup of our drivers includes the original JUN-SAN Chen (Taiwan), Morris Chen (Taiwan), continued signing Takeshi Tsuchiya (Japan), Tatsuya Tanigawa (Japan), Sakaguchi Ryohei (Japan ) and Ollie Millroy (UK). In addition, the team also recruits the “shining star” drivers: Takamitsu Matsui (Japan) and Yu Lam (China).

In 2014 Asian Le Mans,AAI got 1~3st in the first and two stations,and got 2~3st in third station.

Team AAI arrange two BMW-Z4-GT3 and two AMG Mercedes SLS-GT3 to participate in the competitions of Asian Lemans endurance race series and Macau GP-GT Cup race.

      The main scheme of 2014 for the team is “BOND(KIZUNA)”. The nationality of the team crew and drivers including Taiwan, Japan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, China, Thailand, and South Korea. The team is based in East Asia and recruits some elite from Europe. This team members are beyond the language and the culture, by working and fighting together, they also share the joy with the racing.